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About Us

TokenMinds is a fast-growing crypto marketing, consulting, fundraising, and blockchain development agency focused exclusively on helping entrepreneurs and companies launch and market cutting-edge blockchain solutions faster.

We have a strong team of technical and marketing experts as well as a deep network of connections that we harness to promote and grow blockchain projects. Our services are designed to help crypto projects be successful in adoption, user tracking, fundraising, and development.

Want to work in a fast pace environment and be fully emerged in the Blockchain world? Then join the TokenMinds team, spread out over Europe, Asia, and the US. Our clients are from all over the world and we are developing the technologies for tomorrow. Be on the cutting edge, while enjoying the freedom of a (remote) startup culture. Apply for our jobs and work with us!



Current openings

Web3 Marketing & Sales Executive (Manilla)

Web3 Marketing & Sales Executive (Surabaya)

Web3 Marketing Manager

Solana Developer

Web3 Business Development Apprentice

Unity Game Developer

Software QA

Full Stack Web and Blockchain Developer

Data Analyst Digital Marketing

Marketing Executive

HR Executive

Regional Business Development Manager

Blockchain Developer Internship

Video Editor Internship

Sales Internship

Content Writer Intern

Digital Online Ads Manager

SEO Content Writer

Inbound Sales Manager

Account Manager / Customer Success Manager

Crypto Marketing Campaign Manager

Community Manager

Community Business Development Manager (Sales)

Business Development Manager Singapore Part time

Ethereum Dapp Developer

Business Development Manager

Full Stack Developer

Enterprise Sales Associate

Senior Content Manager

Product / IT Project Manager Lead

Junior Recruiter

Front-end Developer

Marketing Internship

Project Management Internship

Bookkeeper – Part Time