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We have a network that help you and your startup company to thrive in the real world and help you reach your goal with your startup company, such as investors, industry leaders, and influencers.


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To help you with the best level of quality, we have our experts that support and guide you through every step of the way until your startup company can be the company that you desired.

Startup HR Consulting Packages

Basic per-Month

$ 250

tokenminds icon1 Job post
tokenminds iconAd campaign management
tokenminds iconCustom content & graphic design
tokenminds iconDaily support & reporting

Pro per-Month

$ 490

tokenminds icon3 Job posts
tokenminds iconAd campaign management
tokenminds iconCustom content & graphic design
tokenminds iconDaily support & reporting

Ultimate per-Month

$ 750

tokenminds icon6 Job posts
tokenminds iconAd campaign management
tokenminds iconCustom content & graphic design
tokenminds iconDaily support & reporting

AI Development Packages

Basic IDO Marketing Package

$ 14,500

tokenminds iconCommunity Management 24/7 – 1 Month
tokenminds iconSocial Media Content and Management
tokenminds iconTwitter Organic Growth
tokenminds iconBasic English PR Marketing
tokenminds iconBasic Influencer Promotion
tokenminds iconDaily Support & Weekly Reporting

Pro IDO Marketing Package

$ 19,500

tokenminds iconCommunity Management 24/7 – 2 Months
tokenminds iconSocial Media Content and Management
tokenminds iconTwitter Organic Growth
tokenminds iconStandard English PR Marketing
tokenminds iconToken Sale Strategy Advisory
tokenminds iconStandard Influencer Promotion
tokenminds icon1 Online AMA Events Organization
tokenminds iconExchange Listing Advisory
tokenminds iconDaily Support & Weekly Reporting

Ultimate IDO Marketing Package

$ 29,500

tokenminds iconCommunity Management 24/7 – 2 Months
tokenminds iconSocial Media Content and Management
tokenminds iconTwitter Organic Growth
tokenminds iconPremium English PR Marketing
tokenminds iconIDO Platforms and Strategy Advisory
tokenminds iconPremium Influencer Promotion
tokenminds iconToken Sale Strategy Advisory
tokenminds iconExchange Listing Advisory
tokenminds icon3 Online AMA Events Organization
tokenminds iconAirdrop/Bounty Organization
tokenminds iconDaily Support & Weekly Reporting

* We also provide KR/JP/CN localized marketing, if you want to get more information please contact us directly.

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About Our Startup HR Consulting Agency

VentureMinds, a trailblazer in Startup HR Consulting, is dedicated to bolstering new businesses by architecting human resources strategies that not only fit your current scale but also flex with your growth. Our team is made up of seasoned HR professionals who have worked across various industry sectors, accruing invaluable insights and experience. This background equips us with a deep understanding of startups’ unique HR challenges. We are committed to establishing a solid HR foundation for your startup and creating an infrastructure that cultivates growth, innovation, and sustainability.

At VentureMinds, we believe in transforming human potential into exceptional business performance, which allows you to focus on your core business operations. We consider ourselves partners in your startup journey, providing personalized guidance at each turn. With VentureMinds at your side, you gain a dedicated HR ally, committed to helping your startup thrive amidst the challenges and complexities of the business landscape.

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Startup HR Consulting Services

Job Post Management

Our service encompasses strategic job post creation where we utilize our in-depth industry knowledge and understanding of your startup’s culture and values. We highlight the unique aspects of each role and your company, creating enticing job descriptions that effectively communicate what potential candidates can expect and why they should join your team. This not only helps attract the right talent but also enhances your employer branding, positioning your startup as an employer of choice in the market.

Ad Campaign Management

We manage advertising campaigns that focus on promoting your job posts to the right audience. Our team designs and executes targeted ad strategies, using a blend of traditional and digital platforms, to maximize your recruitment efforts. This approach ensures your job vacancies reach a wide range of potential candidates, increasing the likelihood of finding the perfect fit for your startup.

Custom Content & Graphic Design

Our creative team at VentureMinds crafts unique, engaging content and designs to support your recruitment process. We carefully tailor each piece of content, whether it’s a job ad, a job description, or employer branding materials, to reflect your startup’s culture and values. This not only helps to attract talent but also communicates a consistent and compelling brand image for your startup.

Daily Support & Reporting

During recruitment, we promise to provide daily assistance and expedite the resolution of any questions or concerns. Our team pledges to maintain an open and transparent line of communication with you so that you’re always up-to-date. Also, we supply periodic and detailed summaries on the status of your staffing effort. These reports will allow you to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of your recruitment efforts by providing insights on applicant numbers source tracking screening progress as well as other pertinent metrics.

Startup HR Consulting Process

Discovery Phase

This initial stage involves a deep-dive understanding of your startup – your unique needs, challenges, vision, and objectives. This enables us to appreciate your current situation fully and your desired future state.

HR Audit

We conduct a comprehensive assessment of your current HR practices to pinpoint gaps, inefficiencies, and opportunities for improvement. This audit gives us an in-depth look at the health of your HR function.

Strategy Formulation

Equipped with insights from the discovery phase and HR audit, we craft a bespoke HR strategy. This strategy aligns with your business goals and lays the groundwork for all future HR endeavors.


We bring the strategy to life, deploying the necessary HR tools, systems, and practices to improve your startup’s HR function. Our team works closely with you during this phase to ensure smooth transitions and minimal disruption.

Monitoring and Optimization

Implementation isn’t the end. We continuously monitor the effectiveness of the implemented systems, making adjustments as necessary to optimize results and maintain alignment with your evolving business needs.

Feedback and Adjustment

Your feedback is invaluable to us. We actively seek it and use it to refine our processes, ensuring our services consistently

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About Us

The Team at VentureMinds is our greatest asset. Composed of a diverse group of seasoned professionals, we bring together a wealth of experience and expertise from various sectors. Our team includes industry veterans, innovative thinkers, and enthusiastic entrepreneurs, each bringing their unique perspective and value. Our diverse team of experts in marketing, development, and strategy provides comprehensive solutions to drive your startup’s success. Our marketing gurus ensure your startup gains optimal visibility. Our seasoned developers help create scalable, secure, and intuitive products, while our strategic thinkers devise actionable plans to navigate the dynamic business landscape.

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tokenminds icon+1000% Twitter Followers
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tokenminds icon500 million fans ++
tokenminds icon+300% Twitter Followers
tokenminds icon+1500% Instagram Followers
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tokenminds icon5TH Volume of trading on Bitbyte
tokenminds iconTOP 7 Projects by ROI
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What is the role of an HR Consulting agency for startups?

An HR consulting agency for startups plays a crucial role in shaping their HR strategies, attracting and retaining talent, ensuring legal compliance, and promoting a positive workplace culture. They help startups to build high-performing teams, streamline HR processes, and develop employee training programs, all while maintaining adherence to employment laws and regulations. By taking on these tasks, HR consultants allow startups to focus more on their core business operations, fostering growth and efficiency.

What is VentureMinds competitive advantage in providing Startup HR Consulting services?

VentureMinds stands out in the Startup HR Consulting landscape due to a combination of factors. Providing targeted and effective solutions is possible for our team since we have seasoned HR experts who understand deeply the unique challenges faced by startups. Rather than providing standardized solutions, we collaborate closely with each startup to determine their unique requirements and objectives. Apart from this, we furnish a wide range of facilities that comprise managing job postings and advertising campaigns alongside creating personalized content paired with graphics designing while extending day-to-day assistance for report generation. This holistic approach ensures we can provide all the HR support a startup needs under one roof. Lastly, we are committed to long-term partnerships, providing continuous support and optimization services even after initial implementation. Our client-centric approach and dedication to excellence give us a competitive edge.


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Big thank you to our PR partners @token_minds!👏 An amazing job utilizing digital & print media & top influencers Together, we are building a strong community.💪

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We wanted to thank @token_minds for their great work ! They helped us become a very fast growing project with their PR strategy and influencer marketing 🚀


Shout out to @token_minds for a great campaign! Reach out to them on TG > They are absolute💎💎💎

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